Patsy Aiken Design for Children’s Clothes - Chez Ami Review

Published: 21st December 2009
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Being involved in the children's clothing industry is not only rewarding, but lucrative and booming. Individuals have really responded to this chance to help devoted parents give their little ones the Chez Ami apparel they love.


Chez Ami was founded around 30 years ago by Patsy Aiken in Coronado, California. The business was identified then and at this time as Patsy Aiken Designs and moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. Patsy began the company with the vision of selling her children's clothing designs to a local boutique shop while her husband was still a Navy aviator. Her own son and daughter were the fitting models as she labored to sew her garments in a little room over her garage.

When Joel, her husband, retired from the Navy a few years later, be joined the company as the person overseeing information technology and all finance matters. He stills works in that capacity as Patsy oversees all the design and manufacturing of the products.

They wanted to expand from distributing only in upscale department stores, boutiques and specialty stores. They chose to sell their children's clothing designs using independent distributors and started Chez Ami.


The Chez Ami product lines are fashionable and seasonal children's clothing. All designs and manufacturing are overseen by Patsy Aiken. With the exception on sweaters, tights and a few hair accessories, most of the products are manufactured in the United States

The Chez Ami catalog is updated seasonally twice a year. All designs are prepared with bold, bright, primary and secondary colors, and they are manufactured with the highest quality knits and woven fabrics. The designs are so popular that the left over fabrics are sold by the yard on the Chez Ami website and numerous people use them to create their own designs at home.

Products include clothing designs for:

- Babies, Toddlers, and Children up to about 10 to 12 years

- Swimwear

- Nightwear

- Hair Accessories

- Holiday Designs

- Monogram options for specific designs

Distribution Structure

Patsy and Joel decided to use a totally distinct sales model; instead of marketing via retail stores, they began to distribute their products using independent sales networkers. Individuals can sign up to become Sales Consultants and sell the Chez Ami products through prearranged home parties. Chez Ami chooses only certain selling periods for every Sales Consultant between Jan-April, and July-October.

There is a seasonal commitment fee of $100 for the first season and $50 for each season thereafter for all Sales Consultants. Sales Consultants are not required to hold inventory, but they do get additional other great benefits like:

- 40% discounts on Chez Ami merchandise

- Cash commissions for all sales

- First choice at end-of-season sales

- Bonuses for performance recognition

Chez Ami offers extensive sales support to the Sales Consultants including marketing materials, seasonal catalogs, invitations and order forms. Understanding the need to get off to a good start, Chez Ami offers a mentoring program for help and guidance in the Sales Consultant's first season. Commissions are paid to Sales Consultants not only on the sales at a home party but also as year-round orders placed directly by customers. There is opportunity to earn other income and bonuses by recruiting new Sales Consultants and mentoring them in their first season of parties.

It's always in style to have children wearing quality, durable and good looking clothes. If you have children and are passionate about great quality clothing, consider becoming a Sales Consultant for Chez Ami and enjoy the benefits for you and your children.

To be successful with Chez Ami, you need a system that will help train people in your down line how to succeed with this opportunity. You need a system that teaches people MLM lead generation , how to market Chez Ami, and how to follow up with prospects and enroll new distributors into their Chez Ami business.

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